Harris Quick Opening Door

The Harris Quick Opening Door, a proprietary design from Melco Steel, Inc., is commonly used in different types of autoclave systems. Originally, the Harris Quick Opening Door was developed and patented by Harris Products in the 1950’s, its rights were later transferred to Melco Steel, Inc. Over the years, the design of our breech, lock-type doors have been enhanced and refined to offer safe and reliable autoclave operations.

While the other types of closures actually rotate the door against the seal/o-ring, the Harris design operates by rotating the locking ring a few degrees to expose the door lugs through cut out areas of the lock ring. Their unique design does not produce any relative motion between the door and the pressure sealing o-ring, eliminating early fatigue and the need for replacement. The door is then simply pivoted 90° to allow full access to the interiors.

The lock ring and door swing operations of our Harris doors are typically hydraulic and always interlocked to prevent operation under high-pressures. They also come with door safety interlock devices, such as mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical interlocks to prevent inadvertent opening of the door under pressure. The safety features comply with stringent ASME requirements.

Harris Quick Opening Doors Specifications

Autoclave Specifications

Design Pressure
Up to 3000 psig
Up to 18 ft
Door Materials
Carbon Steel SS Wetted Stainless Steel
Horizontal Special Vertical
Pressurizing Medium
Air CO2 GN2 Steam
Door Seal Materials
Buna N EPDM Silicone Viton
Door Operation (Locking Ring and Door Swing)
Hydraulic Manual
Optional Equipment
Hydraulic Power Unit Manual Hydraulic Directional Control Valves


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